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Hello I'm Zebulon

Bio: Zebulon began his musical journey at age 5 when he fell in love with singing. Soon after, he learned how to play the drums, piano and guitar. 

He studied recording and musical theater throughout high-school and received a full ride scholarship from Perry-Mansfield.  After graduating Berklee College of Music with a Degree in Song Writing and Music Production, Zeb co-founded four independent music studios. 

In addition, he was hired as the Director of Music Innovation at Evver, a music based software company.After recording three albums and touring the country with his folk band “Mornin’ Old Sport,” Zeb moved to LA to teach what he has learned and focus on his solo project (Stage name Zebulon Krol)

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Voice, Composition, Songwriting and Music Production. 

Online Private Lessons Include: 

Online Private Lessons Include: 

Experience: Zebulon Croll has over five years of  experience in teaching music. He is a Berklee College of Music graduate and has taught music at Pressman Academy, Hillel Hebrew Academy, Dr. Sammy Lee Medical and Science Magnet Elementary School, Silverlake Independent JCC Belvedere Elementary School and Berklee College of Music.  

2654 South Manhattan Place

los Angeles 90018


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